Massage as the highway tot enlightenment?

Usually it feels lighter afterwards, but because you are more connected with your body, complaints can increase initially or you can feel emotional. That is nature trying to balance your system. What is kept inside for too long, wants out. And where energy is lost, it wants te be collected again. You can never tell how long the process will take, because it depends on your overall situation and condition. For the same reason a session can be very quiet, but it may as well be accompanied with some noise :-)

Do you sense what is going on with me?

My hands follow my attention. This invites you to open up for what is going on, so blocked energy can move again. More often sensing is enough and sometimes you discover a deeper meaning and coherence between complaints. When you can locate your pain or tension yourself, please let me know, so we can get to the core more easily.

What do I wear during the massage?

You keep your underpants on, but when you feel more comfotable wearing more, that is possible. To keep your muscles warm, I cover you with towels where I don’t touch. Holistic pulsing is the exception where you leave your (not tight) clothes on