Holistic pulsing

The origin of holistic pulsing is found in the Kahuna massage tradition from Hawai. Milton Trager, o.a. (nature)doctor and dancer was aware of the importance of the well functioning of muscles and joints and made it known in America. Body worker Curtis Turchin developed a treatment where he combined the Kahuna massage with techniques with the work of Reich (body worker) and Mathias Alexander.

When Israelian osteopath Tovi Browning was looking for a truly holistic approach she developed holistic pulsing, based on Turchins’ psychophysical therapy.

Holistic Pulsing is a soft method where the body is moved into a continuous rythm, its own rythm. Because of the pulsing movement body liquids and energy flows are reminded of their original free flow. This activates the self-healing ability. The nervous system calms down and therefore space is created to feel what’s inside. Holistic pulsing is based on the principle that there is life wherever there is movement and that when movement stops, stagnation and decay occur. The biggest power of holistic pulsing is its softness. Nothing is being forced or imposed. The only thing that counts is here and now and what is experienced: making the unconscious conscious, so the energy can move (more) freely again.