estudio Sol


Bij aligning with your energy and touching your body, I invite you to fully reconnect with yourself.  Beforehand there is time to tell me about your situation and wishes regarding the massage. Afterwards it is usually pleasant to stay in silence. A session takes about one and a half hours.


Since 2016 I do my massages in the basement of Rudolf Magnus, a remarkable university building in the style of the Haagse School movement: former laboratory for ‘knowledge of medicine and pharmacology’ in Utrecht.


When overloaded (physically, mentally, emotionally), in case of injuries, grief, life changing events or to maintain you overall health.


I am using sustainably produced towels and work with 100% natural oils of various making.


On Holos, academy for massage therapy, I received my first massage certificate and I regularly add on new forms of massage, body work and healing. It is no exception that trauma arises during sessions (trauma is in everybody). I found recognition in the method of Somatic Experiencing of Peter Levine. His theory provides a framework to work in a safe way. 


My name is Anneke and it fulfills me to take people inside in an unstrained way and to see them go outside, closer to themselves. That complaints decrease or dissappear and that people leave replenished and inspired.