‘I slept like a rose, today I enjoyed working and there was space, faith and a delicious flow so what an effect, thanks and see you next time!’


‘Your intuitive touch touches the core and makes me feel deeply into my body. You invite me to be fully present, initiate processes to accelerate and then engage or let go. You offer support where it feels needed. I experience a deep collaboration between your hands, intuition and my body when I am on your table.’


‘Thank you for your support, help and kindness during my pregnancy. With your professionalism and kind approach you helped me to make this a relaxed and happy journey.’


‘I got the MRI result yesterday and it was as expected, the MCL is ripped. Good news is that the other injuries are healing so well that I can go back to doing spinning classes :) which makes me very happy….So I don’t know if your massage had an impact on that, but I certainly think so :) thank you so much!’


‘You worked miracles,  this weekend I experienced an enormous amount of energy!’


‘During our sessions I feel free and able to explore my feelings in a unique and open way, which helped me a lot to explore about myself in an unbiased way. The most valuable realization was what it means to be kind to myself. This changed me and my life a lot, and I am more than grateful for that.’